The PRO is a swing trainer that comes WITH a TRAINER!


Dan Martin, PGA will coach you on how to improve YOUR swing using The PRO.


When you purchase a PRO, you will automatically be invited via email to join the SWING THE PRO Resources Traning Team at or on the CoachNow app!  (Formerly Edufii) In addition to NEW weekly content, members of the Training Space can post videos & questions for review.  Dan will give you feedback and suggestions on how to train with your PRO so you stay on track to building YOUR most efficient swing!





The PRO isn’t just a great swing training device. It is a true LEARNING tool!  For anyone to learn any complex motor skill such as a golf swing, learning the right FEEL and getting the right IMAGES is critical to success.  The PRO provides you a consistent & reliable model of how to harness physics for an efficient & powerful swing.


With the PRO, you aren’t just a “student” or “customer”, you are a PARTICIPANT!  Now that you have the most powerful swing development tool in your hands, we want to make sure you get coaching, guidance and feedback on how to use it best!  We want to help you develop YOUR best swing using The PRO.


As a supplement to training with your PRO, we offer connected coaching through the CoachNow APP and Website!  The Swing the PRO Resources Training Team features exclusive video content with different drills and ways to train with your PRO.  Also, you can receive PGA Professional COACHING by uploading your swing videos or posting your questions!! We will provide coaching and feedback within 48 hours of your post to keep you on the right track!  


Connected coaching is FREE with your purchase of The PRO!! 

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