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Every golfer understands the struggle of developing a balanced, powerful, and repeatable golf swing.


We film ourselves, dissect swing positions, and attempt to THINK our way through the golf swing. Humans just don't work that way. When you THINK your way through your swing, you are actually activivating the WRONG side of your brain (left). This side of the brain handles organization and logic, which is very helpful in planning  your shot, but not at all an aid to your execution.  


The key to your ability to swing freely and confidently is to activate the visual and creative side of your brain (right). Developing the right FEEL is the only way to truly activate this side of the brain and visualize your swing as ONE IMAGE, rather than a bunch of angles and positions. The PRO will help you find that FEEL by activating the RIGHT side of your brain and give you the timing, tempo, and power you've always imagined.

Jack Nicklaus, the greatest player to ever stroke a golf ball understood this concept between THINKING and FEELING. In fact, Jack Nicklaus used the imagery of "a rope" to rid his putting stroke of tension and develop a full picture of what his stroke would look and feel like. 

Jack Nicklaus swing the pro

Jack Nicklaus


"I visualize the puttershaft as being extremely limber, almost as flexible as a length of rope, which means the only way I can get the clubhead to swing truly is to stroke putts very softly."

Swing Theory

Why is my swing so inconsistant?

The biggest challenge facing ANY golfer is that they don’t know how to SWING. That’s right, they have a “golf swing”, but they don’t know HOW to swing!  99% of all golfers play their entire golf lives without knowing how to swing! Golf is EXTREMELY difficult when you don’t understand the feel of the swing! The problem lies in the rigidity of the shaft of the golf club. The shaft gives the golfer the ability to manipulate the club in dozens of different ways – none of which are effective for maximum power & accuracy.  If your intention is to “HIT” at the ball, then you are trying to push or flip the club head through the shaft. This actually prematurely decelerates the club head and takes it off its natural arc or orbit. The mechanics of ALL mishits are caused by trying to manipulate the club head through shaft during the swing.

If I haven’t been swinging all this time, what do I do?

In order to swing with efficiency and power, you need to understand the following things:

  • Your swing is not about directing force AT the ball!!  The swing is about an exchange of energy throughout the body to the arms and finally to the club.  The swinging club then runs into the ball.   The ball should be IN THE WAY of the swing.    Misconception is the number one reason people learn an inefficient swing motion when they take up golf.  Most players try to FORCE the club head weight into the ball through the rigid shaft, thus distorting the swing.
  •  The TRUE swing FORCE is the same tension that allows you to swing on a playground swing.  You can only swing once you can see and feel this force.   Once you can feel how to create the swing tension, you can learn to deliver it accurately and precisely to the back of the golf ball.  

How is The PRO Swing Trainer going to help me?

You can only LEARN a swing by feeling a SWING!!  Our bodies are designed to learn movement patterns rapidly. We get good at what we repeat. The PRO is designed to help you repeat your BEST swing, not master your consistently inconsistent “swing.”


When you use the PRO, it ONLY responds to a TRUE swing. You can’t lift it. You can’t steer it.  You can’t push it. The rope makes it impossible. The PRO only works when you actually SWING. There is no confusion when you swing the PRO.


From the very first swings with the PRO, your senses automatically begin to work with the TRUE swing forces. Your shoulders & torso begin to turn more, your arms begin to swing freely, your legs & core muscles begin to fire at the right time. Your ideal rhythm, tempo, and timing become obvious. You will even notice your swing LOOKS great!


As you continue swinging the PRO, your grip pressure begins to relax. You can sense that your swing doesn’t need extra wrist & forearm tension. You can feel that speed comes from other parts of the body! Congratulations, you are now learning what your swing is supposed to do – immediately!

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