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Every golfer understands the struggle of developing a balanced, powerful, and repeatable golf swing.  

We film ourselves, dissect swing positions, and attempt to THINK our way through the golf swing. Human motion simply doesn't develop that way. When you THINK your way through your swing, you are actually activating the WRONG side of your brain (left). This side of the brain handles organization and logic, which is very helpful in planning  your shot, but not at all an aid to your execution.  When you THINK your way through your swing, you simply block fluid motion and create resistance to the natural accelerating orbit of your TRUE SWING!


The key to your ability to swing freely and confidently is to activate the visual and creative side of your brain.  Your body instinctively creates motion from perception, not thought!  It has done it successfully in everything you have learned to do without fail like riding a bike or tossing a ball.  Golf is NO DIFFERENT!  You didn't learn any motion you are good at through a bunch of angles and positions. The PRO golf motion development program will help you change your perception, then your intention, and the action of your golf swing will naturally follow suit and continue to change for the better!  Think about it - how many motor skills that you do on a daily basis do you ever have the feeling like you need to remind yourself how to do it?  Or that you sometimes even get worse at?  


Your Golf Club Lies To YOU!

Yes, it's True - Your Golf Club Lies To You!  The rigid shaft and dense weight of the golf club has been stimulating your mind to tell your body to use it as a lever!  The awkwardness you feel when you try to hit the ball comes from a misconception that everyone shares when they begin to play golf!  

Those who make the game look easy - that effortless looking tour swing that pounds the golf ball - figured out how to see past the lie!  They figured out that it's actually not a golf swing, but rather a golf "sling" - it's just a motion that connects the player to the club THROUGH the shaft, but not USING the shaft to manipulate or guide it!   If you are trying to "Swing" the club, you will never develop an elite golf motion.  It's a fluid motion - not a bunch of stitched together isolated movements.

You must learn to perceive it like it truly is - a "reach", a "throw", or a "sling".  These activities naturally stimulate the body to use its instinct to use the acceleration of gravity to drive a perfectly balanced and frictionless motion to achieve the task.  You do it all the time when you walk, toss a ball, use a spoon, etc.  This is why we call it a golf motion, not a swing!  Once you can perceive it correctly, you can develop the correct intention.  Once you have the correct intention, then, and only then, can your action truly develop and improve over the course of your life!  

With the PRO Golf Motion Development Program, you will have the tool, the understanding, and the coaching available to finally transform your golf motion once and for all!

The 4 Building Blocks of developing an Elite Motion:

You first learn to UN-RESTRICT your motion.  

Then you learn to UNLOCK your motion.  

Then you learn to UNLEASH your motion.  

And finally, you UN-LEVER your motion!

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