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"My greatest satisfaction is how easy it is for my students to FEEL their best golf swing. The PRO automatically reveals the true swing forces that are hidden in every one of my students. I witness this phenomenon everyday.  Incredible learning occurs within just a few minutes of using The Pro Swing Trainer System."

Dan Martin

Dan Martin, PGA

-US Kids Golf Master Kids Teacher and Golf Tips Magazine Top 30 Instructor

Precise. Rotational. Orbit

Reveal what’s possible!

Learning how to swing your PRO gives is the vehicle to discover the great swing that already lies within you.  The PRO’s flexible shaft guides you to understand that tension, just like a playground swing, is what makes a swing possible.  As you get better and better at keeping the entire PRO in a straight line, you can see and feel what movements harness the laws of physics.  As you learn to align the PRO to strike the impact pad, you begin to realize how force is directed to ensure an on plane delivery every time.  The PRO is a road map to what’s possible for you!



Find Your Authentic Swing

Dan Martin shows us the most common issues golfers face - trying to "muscle" the club to the ball.  The PRO immediately reveals this error and allows the golfer to learn the feel of TRUE swinging!!

Swing the PRO

The PRO Swing Training System

Develop your true and natural swing by harnessing the laws of physics with The PRO Swing Training System today!

  • Increase lag 

  • Improve consistency

  • Solidify tempo, timing, and rhythm

  • Reinforce proper body rotation

Light and compact trainer that easily fits in your golf bag!

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