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The PRO Swing Training System
  • The PRO Swing Training System

    • The PRO Elite Golf Motion Development Tool & Impact Reminder
    • A 60 minute, one on one, live Zoom or FaceTime lesson with Dan Martin, PGA to get you started on the right foot, understand concepts and to answer any questions you may have. Dan will provide you with an analysis voiceover video of your current golf motion with personalized exercises to train with the PRO! (Scheduled after you have received your PRO). In person lesson is also available if you are in the Los Angeles area.
    • The My True Swing APP and all of it's content including the 3 self-paced courses:
      • Getting Started with the PRO
      • Mastering the PRO - developing the model of YOUR TRUE SWING
      • Sling the Club Like You Sling the PRO - transferring the model of your TRUE SWING to the golf club.


    • Details

      The PRO helps you harness the laws of physics to reinforce good swing habits, such as body rotation, balance, tempo, and sequence of motion. This light and compact training aid will easily fit into your golf bag, so you can train anywhere/anytime you need to feel your true and natural swing.

      1 Year Limited Product Replacement Warranty Included!

      The PRO warrants that any goods supplied by it shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for one (1) year from the date of delivery. This does NOT apply where there has been a failure of the goods due to improper use; breakage not due to defect.
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